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Individual papers can be downloaded here:

3 Nuno Ribeiro, Luis Moreira, Ana Barros, Ana Margarida Almeida and Filipe Santos-Silva Happy: a cancer prevention smartphone app designed to promote behavior change
4 Benjamin Amoah, Evelyn Anto and Alessandro Crimi Phone-based Prenatal Care for Communities and Remote Ultrasound Imaging
6 Gaetano Carmelo La Delfa and Vincenzo Catania Accurate indoor navigation using Smartphone, Bluetooth Low Energy and Visual Tags
7 Martin Kováč, Gabriel Nagy, Viera Stopjaková and Daniel Arbet Investigation of UWB antenna on-chip integration in CMOS pro cess towards energy-autonomous implantable biosensors
8 Martin Kufa, Zbynek Raida, Jan Velim and Vladimir Hebelka Filtering antenna array for off-body communication
10 Filip Malenak Mobile system for monitoring sports activity
11 Ofer Azoulay, Yotam Ater, Lior Gersi, Yonatan Glassner, Ori Bryt and Doron Halperin Mobile Application for Diagnosis of Facial Palsy
12 Joelene Huber, Scott So, Michelle Goodman, Thivia Jegathesan, Sarah Davis, Elizabeth Young, Douglas Campbell, Herbert Joseph Bonifacio, Alex Mihailidis and Niraj Mistry A Smartphone Application Designed for Teaching Emergency Safety Skills to Children
14 Tomáš Korč, Petr Koranda, Jiří Potůček, Baha Chbani, Jiří Palas, Miroslav Křížek and Štěpán Staniek InspectLife – Pilot Testing of Telecare and Telehealth Services
15 Martin Burwitz, Hannes Schlieter and Steffen Greiffenberg Clinical Process Management in the Future - Standard Operation Procedures on Mobile Devices
16 Lukas Roubik Routine use of Telemedicine in clinical practice
17 Vadym Kramar, Markku Korhonen and Marjo Rauhala End-user Experiences and Perspectives – HoviMestari
18 Salvatore Gaglio, Giuseppe Lo Re, Gloria Martorella, Daniele Peri and Salvatore Davide Vassallo Development of an IoT Environmental Monitoring Application with a Novel Middleware for Resource Constrained Devices
21 Jonas Vetterick, Attila Altiner and Clemens H. Cap Enhancing Medical Students Exam Revision Course with Modern Classroom Response Systems
22 Marie Tichá, Markéta Janatová, Radim Kliment, Olga Švestková and Karel Hána Mobile rehabilitation device for balance training with visual feedback
23 Enrique Puertas, Manuel de Buenaga and María Lorena Prieto BUSCLIMED: Mobile app for searching medical literature
26 Yin Leng Theng, Jason Wen Yau Lee, Paul Victor Patinadan and Schubert Shou Boon Foo An evaluation of a virtual pillbox designed for the elderly
27 Václav Burda and Daniel Novak Diabetes mellitus compensation using mobile technology
28 Jan Balata, Zdenek Mikovec, Kamil Darebny and Vlastimil Jinoch Data Structures for Landmark-based Navigation of Blind Pedestrians
31 Petr Novak and Jiri Anyz Everyday Independence and Self-Sufficiency
32 Miroslav Uller and Marek Lenart WOW – A Friendly User Interface Framework for Elderly Users
33 Esteban Pino, Javier Chavez, Carlos Villagrán, Constanza Larsen and Pablo Aqueveque Non-Invasive system for ubiquitous physiological home monitoring
34 Heike Leutheuser, Tristan Gottschalk, Lars Anneken, Matthias Struck, Albert Heuberger, Martin Arnold, Stephan Achenbach and Bjoern M. Eskofier Automatic ECG Arrhythmia Detection in Real-Time on Android-based Mobile Devices
35 Andreas Tobola, Oliver Korpok, Heike Leutheuser, Björn Schmitz, Christian Hofmann, Matthias Struck, Christian Weigand, Björn M. Eskofier, Albert Heuberger and Georg Fischer System Design Impacts on Battery Runtime of Wearable Medical Sensors
37 Jonay González, David Rodríguez, Carlos Rodríguez, Alfonso Hernández, Julio Martínez Martínez, Daniel Afonso, Tamara Luján, Rossany Roche and Fernando Fernández HEMOPOCKET: An Utility for Apheresis Donations
38 Alexander Prokhorov, Salma Marani and Mario Luca Three evidence-based tobacco control mobile apps based on federally funded research projects

MobileHealth& AAL Challenge awards

The following prizes have been awarded in the mobileMed challenge awards:

1st place - gold award ($1500)

Intelligent tutoring system for gait rehabilitation of persons with Parkinson's disease
Alberto Ferrari - University of Bologna

2nd place - silver award ($1000)

Alessandro Crimi - AIMS Ghana / ETH Zurich

3rd place - bronze award ($500)

RRate: An innovative respiratory rate counter for the point-of-care Walter Karlen – ETH Zurich

Audience award ($1000)

Intelligent tutoring system for gait rehabilitation of persons with Parkinson's disease
Alberto Ferrari - University of Bologna
(Special award voted by mobileMed participants)

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Press releases / tiskové zprávy

Tisková zpráva MobileMed2014 - výstupy 24.11.2014 (czech only)
Tisková zpráva MobileMed2014 10.11.2014 (czech only)

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Proceedings from the first mobileMed conference in 2013 can be found here