Mobile and Information Technologies in Medicine and Health



The proceedings from the mobilemed 2013 conference (zip) are available for download.

You can also download the Proceedings index + conference summary (pdf) separately.

Individual papers can be downloaded here:

Edward Klein and Jesse Heines  Visualization of Privacy Filters for Sharing Personal Health Records (2)
Po-Chou Liang and Paul Krause Cost-Effective Healthcare Telemonitoring (4)
Jokin Garatea and Ligia Whyte Ambient Assited Living Role Profiles (5)
Gabor Novak, Darren Carlson and Stan Jarzabek An Extensible Mobile Sensing Platform for mHealth and Telemedicine Applications (6)
Toralf Trautmann and Patrick Rogge Concept of individual driver assistance systems with inclusion of drivers performance (7)
Jonay González Suarez, José Natán Rodríguez Martín, Carlos Rodríguez Reyes, David Rodríguez Martín, Alfonso Hernández Ibánez, Julio Martínez Ballester, Rossany Roche and Guadalberto Hernández i-NeuroDEI©: a virtual laboratory application for teaching neurophysiology (8)
Arvind Raghu, Praveen Devarsetty, David Peiris, Gari Clifford and Lionel Tarassenko Mobile health for Cardiovascular disease risk screening and management in resource-constrained environments (9)
Baha Chbani and Petr Novak Remotely support for diagnosis and treatment (10)
Nicolas Ambroise, Sandrine Boussonnie and Axel Eckmann A Smartphone Application For Chronic Disease Self-Management (11)
Ana Magalhaes and Anne Skurup Avoiding Preanalytical Errors In Blood Gas Testing With A Smartphone App (12)
Syed Sibte Raza Abidi, Samina Abidi and Ashraf Abusharekh A Semantic Web Based Mobile Framework For Designing Personalized Patient Self-management Interventions (14)
Enrique Puertas, María Lorena Prieto and Manuel De Buenaga Mobile Application for Accessing Biomedical Information Using Linked Open Data (15)
Samuel Stewart and Syed Sibte Raza Abidi Improving Our Understanding Of Medicine 2.0 Communities: Combining Content And Social Network Analysis (16)
Beatriz López, Jordi Coll, Francisco I. Gamero, Eva Bargallo and Abel López-Bermejo Intelligent Systems for Supporting Premature Babies Healthcare with Mobile Devices (17)
Petr Ježek and Roman Moucek Mobile system for collecting EEG/ERP data and metadata (18)
Alice Bednárová and Tomáš Drajsajtl Asterics (19)
Jan Plešek and Jan Šedivý Contactless Measurement of Heart Rate on iPad (20)
Michel Findeisen, Lars Meinel, Julia Richter, André Apitzsch and Gangolf Hirtz A Long Term Diagnostics System Based On Intelligent Smart Sensor Technologies (21)
Jiri Anyz and Petr Novak Evaluation of Records of Clickable Game for Strabism Retrieval (22)
Jan Balata, Miroslav Macik and Zdenek Mikovec Context sensitive navigation in Hospitals (23)
Shanon Hughes Consumer Reporting of Psychiatric Drug Effects across the Internet: Improved Methods for Understanding Drug Harms (24)
Alexander Konyashin and Evgenya Patrakeeva New approach for visual analysis of health monitoring data (25)
Michal Paulicek, Jan Syrinek, Pamela McNamara and Walter Houseman Trusted Patient Coach (26)
Giuseppe Lo Re, Daniele Peri and Davide Salvatore Vassallo A mobile application for assessment of air pollution exposure (27)
Michael Holmes, Jerald Liu, Huanying Gu and Paolo Gasti Privacy-Preserving Symptoms-to-Disease Mapping on Smartphones (28)
James Ortiz, Damien De Nizza, Hubert Meurisse and Pierre-Yves Schobbens Integrated Information System for Multi-criteria Management of Orthopedic Infections (29)
Miroslav Uller, Marek Lenart and Olga Štěpánková eScrapBook: Simple Scrapbooking For Seniors (30)
Petr Svobodnik, Daniel Novak and Michal Cerman BlindShell – User Interface For Visually Impaired Users (32)
Revita Gaišuta and Ieva Vitola Implementation of E-Medicine Solutions in the Care of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus in Latvia: EMedic Project Experience (37)


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